SHD-2H "The Skirmisher" (1x LBX10, 3x SSRM2, 1x MLas, 2x MG, 2x JJ, BAP, XL300)

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Discussion in 'SHD-2H' started by Blagg Zear, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. lord_auriel

    lord_auriel Benefactor

    the OP is amazing

    My variation - AMS is obligatory nowadays and helps the team a lot

    XL280 is as low as I would go on a SHD, ever, but it's okay

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  2. tong169

    tong169 Junior Member

    Great build. Only complaint is that the MGs' muzzle flash hurts my eyes. Going to thermal vision helps. Maybe they'll put in a quirk for that lol.
  3. Lugtor

    Lugtor New Member

    I just cant get this build to work for me. How do you fight with this thing? Like a Brawler, divebomber or skimming on max range ?
    The SDH just seems to be to big and easy to hit, while it does not deal enough dmg and feels totaly reliant on your teammates not being potatoes. since i farmed ages for this, i tried it out a lot and the best i could get were some games arround 450dmg, but mostly i got blown up after dealing ~200dmg.
    Then i stripped the mech, put in 2xSRM6, 1xSRM4, 1 ML, 1 AC5 which worked much better for me, getting reliable in the 400+dmg range, if I/Team does not screw up. So i dont know if this chassis is just not my style or the weaponry. Or the whole medium class, although i am quite successful with the Stormcrow.
    From my point of view I'd had to give this build 2 stars, but that seems not to be right.
  4. lord_auriel

    lord_auriel Benefactor

    this thing doesn't shine in the early stages of a battle... it's a 5 star build because it utilizes the mech's hardpoints in an optimal way..
    BUT it looks like the 2H is going to get AC5 quirks so I guess the go-to loadout will be some triple-ac-setup anyway

    try the 2x ac5, 1x ac2 variant with the xl255 engine. it's slow and lumbering but that doesn't matter since it will stay back and not run around
  5. Sjorpha

    Sjorpha Active Member


    Just fooled around with the concept and this is how I ended up.
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  6. Soulcatcher

    Soulcatcher Junior Member

    I am running the XL 280 build with 1xLBX10, 2x MG, 3x SRM2 and 1x ML.

    What is the best way to group the firing buttons to keep Heat to a minimum while maximizing my Damage at Range?
  7. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 01001101 01001111 01000100 Staff Member

    Assuming a 3-button mouse, I'd group it like this:

    LMB: 2x MG + ML
    RMB: 3x SRM2 (Eventually chainfire them)
    3: LBX10

    Click once for ML only with minimal ammo waste, hold LMB for MG spam (a single ML produces very little heat), hold RMB for stream or frequent burst of missiles, press 3 for LBX once enemy is opened up.
  8. Trippton

    Trippton Junior Member

    With the recent changes to streaks (cooldown from 3.5 to 2.0) this thing is even more dangerous when picking off wounded targets. Great build and fun!
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  9. Hellhoundlover

    Hellhoundlover New Member

    The 2H is simply my favorite mech ever since i finished off a ppc highlander 1vs1 with just 2xMGs. It did have armor left, it only took about 5mins :D

    Been using this build from the start, currently it's evolved into this:

    (my Pilot rating is t2 just fyi)
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