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SYSTEM TEST: UAC5 Comprehensive Breakdown

Discussion in 'Mech Build and System Tests' started by Michael, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    It's very embarassing when they're jamming after the first shot even if you didn't intend to double tap them. Does this happen to you as well?
  2. Dr. Danger

    Dr. Danger Advanced Member

    Happens to me quite often, 20% of the time I Alpha strike might be accurate.

    But I'm also known for notoriously bad luck, so... :(
  3. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    It would be logical (yeah, I know, it might not be logical...) that each gun has a 20% chance of jamming independently of the eventual others.
    For two guns it would make 36% chance one jams and 4% both jam.
  4. SAI Peregrinus

    SAI Peregrinus Advanced Member

    Yeah, the jam chance seems to be per-gun, which makes sense.

    I have noticed accidental double-taps when I know I didn't double-tap. I'm not sure what it is, since it's before the timer that allows an actual double-tap to happen, but the sound plays twice. I'll have to do some tests.

    Edit: It's ADHD Fire control. The rate limit checkbox doesn't work. Oddly, it fires 1 gun of the 3 out of synch, not quite sure how. Going to try debugging it now.

    Ok, so it's definitely something with the timing, and what happens when you double-tap the hotkey.
    Double-tap for this context: Press the button that activates the fire macro down, release, press, and don't release for at least a few weapon cycles.
    What one would expect is that the first tap would send a fire event, and start a timer. Until the timer expired no further events would get sent, so the second tap wouldn't fire a second time until the timer expires. Then it would keep firing once each time the timer triggers as long as the button is held down.
    What happens is that the first tap sends a fire event, and the second tap seems to send fire events as though the timer were shorter. How much shorter seems somewhat random. Unbinding the "change fire rate" key seems to help a bit.
    The "only 1 gun fires" seems to go away if the weapons are only in one weapongroup in MWO. So that side of it is a MWO bug.

    With application limiting turned off we can test things more easily.
    I have set the "a" key to activate the fire macro, which will fire weapon group 1 every 1500ms. Change fire rate is bound to Ctrl+D. Functionality toggle is bound to F8. Each test will be run at least twice, to make comparisons of the timing easier. A gap of at least 5 seconds will be used between tests.
    Pressing and holding "a":
    Pressing "a", releasing, and pressing & holding after about 500ms:
    Rapid pressing and releasing of "a":
    After unbinding "change fire rate"
    Pressing "a", releasing, and pressing & holding after about 500ms:
    Rapid pressing and releasing of "a":

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